The ‘Events’ Collection has been created to ‘freeze’ a special moment in life so it can be shared with those we love, not only on the day, but forever, through a one-off piece of art, which finds a place in our friends’ and family’s homes, making them even more beautiful and unique.

We create globes for all occasions, such as: weddings, christenings, First Communion, confirmations, birthdays, graduations, and more besides.

Want to ask your girlfriend to spend the rest of her life with you? Why not give her a globe pairing your initials?

Your husband is changing job and you want to celebrate the event?
A good-luck sphere can become a special keepsake for the rest of his life. Has your best friend just given birth? Let her hang a unique bauble on her tree of life!


All the globes may have initials and an event date incorporated. This request must be made at least three months before delivery, with the date and initials specified by email, when the order is first made. Our globes can replace traditional wedding and party mementos, yet it should be remembered that our ‘Events’ Collection contains no toile, no sugared almonds and no notecards for adding names or date.

  • events-pearl-garlands

    Pearl garlands

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  • events-hearts


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  • events-daisies


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  • events-golden-heart

    Golden heart

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  • events-lace


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